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Our Vision and Values

Our Vision and Values

Our vision was developed by a wide range of staff, pupils and governors from both of our schools.
Our ACE logo was designed by one of our pupils.

When the school councils from both schools held their first ever Federation Council Meeting, they looked at ideas written by the children in every class in both schools as to what they thought being ACE means. These ideas formed our ACE Children’s Charter…written by the pupils themselves:

  We are ACE because...

  • We are independent learners who take responsibility for our own work.
  • We believe that together we can achieve anything - the only limit is our imagination!
  • We treat everyone with respect.
  • We are caring and sharing.
  • Together, we live, learn and laugh.

To help us to remember our children’s charter we use PARTICLES!

‘Somersham Primary is a lovely small rural school where the children all look out for each other whatever the age group. 

The teachers seem to know each pupil individually, whether they teach them personally or not.’  
Quote from Parent in Somersham Ofsted Report October 2017

'Pupils and staff are very welcoming to visitors. There is a strong sense of community. Pupils are caring and look after each other in lessons and 
during play…There is a harmonious atmosphere in lessons, where pupils work well together and talk enthusiastically about what they are learning'. 
Bramford Ofsted Inspection October 2017